The History Of The Plasma Car

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The Plasma Car is a plastic toy for children. This ride-on is produced by PlaSmart, a Canadian company. The cute toy car is propelled by using the steering wheel. This is attached to some other wheels that touch the ground. The car functions from inertia, using the centrifugal force, friction and gravity. It does not need any kind of fuel, pedals or batteries, because a child can use it just by wiggling the steering wheel on top of it. The surface that this toy needs in order to work perfectly is a flat and smooth one. It can be used either indoor or outdoor and is a perfect gift for any child.

The history of this toy begins in 2002 when Timothy Kimber was shopping in a mall in Ottawa, Canada. He saw a unique toy that was put in display for children to try. The toy was named Fun Car and it was produced in Asia. Kimber, an entrepreneur, was fascinated with the car and contacted the Asian producer right away. He discovered that the toy was not available neither in the United States of America, nor in Canada and he negotiated with the producer to bring the product in these countries. Realizing the huge potential of such a product, Kimber assumed the distribution of  Fun Car and the marketing rights, but only for North America in the beginning. In 2003, he began distributing Fun Car in the country. He exposed it at a Canadian toy and hobby show and he had at his disposal about 1,500 units. In a short matter of time – less than a month, Kimber created PlaSmart, his company, made a website, created advertising materials and a demo video that he posted online.

He changed the named of the toy from Fun Car to Plasma Car because he considered it too dull. The name he gave to the product was inspired from the Plasma TV, which is so fascinating for adults and represents a toy for them. Customers and retailers alike loved the toy. Kids became huge fans of the toy car immediately and even adults who tried it, as the toy can support a weigh of almost 100 kilograms. After the business grew, Kimber moved his offices in Ottawa and opened a warehouse in the city. In present, this toy is sold all over the world.

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The Plasma Car is the Perfect Gift For Your Child

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One of the toys that have become real famous among children is the Plasma Car.  It is one of the world’s best selling children’s ride on toys and its unique and award winning design requires no batteries, pedals, gears, or electrical parts to propel the car. The child simply has to turn the steering wheel, and away s/he goes! The best feature of the plasma car is harnessing the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force and friction. Moreover, the plasma car is quiet, inexpensive and provides limitless playability. you child will simply love it and by riding it, your child will also benefit from a great workout. The plasma car best works on a smooth, flat surface.

The plasma car is a relatively new invention. In 2002, an Ottawa entrepreneur named Timothy Kimber discovered the unique ride-on toy as he was shopping. At that time, the plasma car was named the Fun car. Fascinated with this toy, Kimber managed to contact the Asian manufacturer and asked some questions regarding the plasma car. Kimber wanted to bring this fun plasma car on the American and Canadian market, therefore within a month, he came up with the name, the marketing materials, including the demo video. The name plasma car caught the attention of customers and retailers and it became a popular item at trade shows.

The plasma car has received critical reception from the toy industry, as well as from the children. Moreover, it is currently one of the most successful products in PlaSmart’s product line to date. It has received numerous awards, as well as favourable customer reviews on different toys websites. All in all, the plasma car is one of the most loved toys a child could have. The plasma car simply runs on the child’s ability to wiggle the steering wheel.  You can find the Plasma car both on online stores and in shopping malls. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your child, then the plasma car is the right one for him/her.

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Plasma Car Is More Than A Toy

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Plasma car is a useful toy and has other advantages also. A plasma car is very cheap and is a great gift idea, but does not matter at all the occasion, a plasma car is always a wise choice for a kid. A boy or a girl, there are colors that fit both and they can choose what they like. Plasma car is made from a light material that makes it easier to transport and to drive. Plasma car is also very nice and can be taken anywhere. Plasma car is made of quality plastic, safe for the health of your child, so stay calm while your child enjoys the driving of a plasma car.

Plasma car is something very popular today and you do not have to worry that your child does not like it. Your kid has already seen one at some friends or has seen one on the internet or at TV. Plasma car has many wheels that protect your child, so he will have a great stability on the plasma car and will not fall and have problems.

Plasma car can be used by your kid outside or inside, but it works better on smooth surfaces. Plasma car does not need at all batteries or fuel, it just works with the smooth movement that your child does from the steering wheel. With plasma car, driving is a pleasure, but also safe for your child and for your budget. Plasma car is great for boys and girls and besides having fun, plasma car helps them to orientate, to be responsible and to pay attention where they go with the toy car. So plasma car is more than a toy. In conclusion, plasma car has multiple advantages and is one of the most appreciated toys. Your kids will have fun in a secure way with plasma car and you can stay calm while they play.

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Plasma Car The Best Gift For Your Child

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When you have a child you know that you are going to have to constantly find new toys and gifts for him to have fun. Well, there are some items that can form the perfect gift for both little boys and little girls. And in fact, every child loves receiving new and beautiful gifts. Anyway, here is an idea for the prefect gift for you to purchase for your child. The PlasmaCar Pink is the best choice you can make as a gift for your daughter. However, you should know that the same product is also available on other colors, including blue or green. So, if you have a little boy, you should not worry about finding this great plasma car on different other models and colors.

Anyway, the PlasmaCar Pink is a very good decision when you want to purchase a gift for your child. And you can be sure that a PlasmaCar Pink will be highly appreciated by your child. With a trendy design and a beautiful color, the PlasmaCar Pink is perfect for indoor exercises and also for outdoor. So, you can actually have two products in one with this plasma car. However, when using the PlasmaCar Pink indoors, you should know that it is not appropriate to be used on smooth surfaces or on carpets. Anyway, this PlasmaCar Pink is a fun toy for all kids and they are absolutely going to love it. If you have already decided to choose this PlasmaCar Pink, you have made the best decision for a birthday gift.

Well, the best thing about buying your child a plasma car as a birthday gift, or maybe for a special occasion, is that this way you can be sure he or she will love your present and such a gift means no risks for the child, as it is quite safe for the kid to play with it and have a lot of fun. Plasma cars are always a good decision for kids, and you should not worry about costs, as they actually are available on very affordable prices. Anyway, a plasma car is a toy you can be sure your kid is not going to get tired of very soon.

Click here to get your Plasma Car Pink.

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Buy a Plasma Car from Amazon

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Whether you have a one year old girl or a five year old boy, if they have a birthday in the near future, you may be looking for the perfect gift to buy for them. If you’re not sure what to get that they will actually enjoy using, one gift to consider is a plasma car. While this sounds like an advanced piece of technology, it’s actually a really fun toy that is designed for kids to ride around on.

What makes this toy special is that unlike many other toys, it doesn’t require any batteries. Instead, this toy allows kids to zoom around by easily powering the toy themselves. Not only will they have a blast using this toy, but they will actually get exercise doing so. Whether they’re using this toy in your house or on the street, you don’t have to worry about them making noise that is going to annoy anyone.

If this sounds like a great gift but you aren’t sure where to purchase it, you should take a look at the selection that is available on Amazon. Even if you aren’t completely sure if this is the right toy for your kid, you can read over a hundred different reviews from other parents who have ordered this toy online. Some of the reviews even include videos of this toy in action! If you decide that this is the perfect gift, not only can you choose from multiple colors, but Amazon will even allow you to take advantage of free shipping.

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Plasma Car – Target

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Plasma cars are some of the most popular toys among kids these days and when you’re looking for one that your child will love, but also don’t want to spend a fortune, Target is one of the best places you can go. Target has many different models of plasma cars, and they come in many different styles and colors, so your little one can choose the ride they love best!

The plasma cars available at Target hold up to 120 pounds on rough surfaces, and up to 220 pounds on smooth surfaces. With this high weight capacity, some of your big kids might even get a kick out of all testing driving the many different models of plasma cars offered at Target.

The plasma cars at Target all work on the frugal force your child creates and is set in motion while your child is busy riding the car and playing. The seats on all Target models are very sturdy and the child’s feet are placed at either side of the steering wheel, to provide more balance when turning left and right.

Target’s line of plasma cars provides cute cars that any child will love driving and that have parents resting easy due to a high safety standard. All of this, and Target’s plasma cars are also some of the cheapest that you will find on the market. With a full line of plasma cars available at just under $100, when you buy your plasma cars at Target, you’re sure to hit a bulls-eye!

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Plasma Car Ride-On Vehicle

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Plasma cars are great fun for kids! These small plastic toys are made by the Canadian company PlaSmart and kids can ride on them and feel as though they’re really driving – just like mom and dad! And the name even comes from a favorite toy among adults, the plasma TV.

The Plasma Car was actually first known as the Fun Car in China, where it was first developed. Timothy Kimber just happened to see the car displayed at a mall where it was set up for children to ride for free. Seeing what a hit is was among the children, Kimber developed the car under the PlaSmart company that he created to do so.

The car has six wheels in total but only four of these actually touch the ground. There are two wheels on the front of the car and while some people think that these wheels spin and turn, they are actually only there to provide stability. Should the child tilt or lean too far to one side or too far forward, these front wheels will help keep the plasma car upright.

Two of the other wheels on the plasma ride-on car are connected to the steering wheel by a lever and an axis. This is what allows the car to move. When the child moves the steering wheel, the car will move in that direction. This is the only movement required for the car to move on its own and it doesn’t require any fuel, or even batteries!

The plasma ride-on vehicle can be driven either outside or inside but it does work best on smooth, flat surfaces.

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Plasma Car Reviews

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It is really refreshing to see a new toy come onto the market (well, several years on the market now) that has nothing to do with violence or warfare, that has nothing to do with computers or video games, and requires no batteries or other fuel to keep it going, but, at the same time, is an instant hit with kids from a year old up to . . . (sometimes the kids have to beg their parents to get off so they can have a turn!). The Plasma Car seems to be just such a toy.

The Plasma Car is a sturdy riding toy that is propelled by the body movement of the rider. Other than wheels and and a steering wheel, it has no moving parts like chains or pedals to snag clothing or pinch fingers. It is remarkably inexpensive, given the years of use and loads of fun your kids will get from it.

Plasma Car reviews are overwhelming in their praise of this toy for its ease of use, durability, and all around fun quality. Some Plasma Car buyers have complained that they had difficulty assembling the toy, but most purchasers say that assembly is fairly simple and only requires a rubber mallet (or a steel hammer with a block of wood) and a Phillips-head screwdriver. Assembly only takes a few minutes and then you (I mean your child) are ready to roll! You should note a couple of precautions for use of your Plasma Car. Don’t leave it outside in wet weather, as the wheel bearings and steering mechanism are made of steel which can rust. The manufacturer recommends not using the Plasma Car on a hardwood or laminate surface, due to scratching, but if you already have active children and pets in your home, this may be a moot point. Also, always teach your children to operate the Plasma Car safely. If you do these things, your children will get years of fun from their Plasma Cars.

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The Beginning of a New Era

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In a time where going green and staying healthy and beautiful are at the tops of every list made by Americans, the Plasmacar for kids has come out at the perfect time. The Plasmacar offers children a safer and, in many cases, more exciting time than traditional battery or foot powered child cars. This is accomplished by placing the wheels of the car under the vehicle so as to avoid getting pinched because of curiosity and which also allows both feet to be off the ground. Another advantage is that the Plasmacar is actually drivable where as the old cars had to be man handled by the children using them.

Plamacars appear to be overtaking even the battery operated cars that have been so popular among toddlers for two decades. This is, in part, due to the ease of use with the Plasmacar. To get this new invention on a roll, the child simply needs to get on and move in order to transfer the motion to the undercarriage wheels which then act like skates by pushing forward by using side to side motion. Power of this sort allows the child to simply enjoy the toy and not learn to drive at the age of three.

Combine all of these positives with the price point of the Plasmacar and you’ve got an instant classic among children and parents both. Due to the design of these toys there is little chance for failure, no reason to charge them and a versatility that is unmatched in other toddler vehicles on the market today. It is likely that these toys will surpass the foot-push cars and battery jeeps to become the most popular in its class and bring in a new era of energy conscious toys.

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A Fun Choice for Your Child

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In today’s modern environment, a lot of children do not get enough exercise. In our high technological world children love to watch television, play video games or use the internet. When children indulge in these activities, exercise becomes almost obsolete. As parents we search for a fun way for our children to become more active. The Plasma Car is a very viable option that will allow you to give your child the appropriate fun and exercise that they is required. This in turn will also make them healthier all around.

The Plasma Car is a non-motorized toy that is a fun and safe choice. It is a toy car that does not have pedals on it; therefore, your child has to use their feet to make the Plasma Car gain motion. The wheels of the car are underneath it so that they are not accessible to your child. The only item that is required for the use of the Plasma Car is a safe flat surface to operate it on. The Plasma Car has undergone numerous testing to ensure that it adheres to all of the safety standards that are set in place.

It will provide numerous hours of fun and entertainment to your child, and on the positive side make them more active. The Plasma Car will allow your child to have a fun and quite ride for them to enjoy. It will provide your child with endless hours of fun because it will show them that not everything has to be motorized or power sourced to be fun.

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